27 May 2007

The World's Fastest Indian & Casino Royale

Stephen's Short Video Reviews

The World's Fastest Indian

         Biography . Anthony Hopkins & Tessa Mitchell 2005

        The life story of New Zealander Burt Munro. Slow!

        Moral of the story: Even Anthony Hopkins has trouble with New Zealand accents.

        Rating: Ejected it

        Rent it? No

        Buy it? No

Casino Royale

        Action (V). Daniel Craig & Eva Green 2006

        More ridiculousness. The Dialog is too soft in comparison to the rest of the sound track. Long at two and a quarter hours.

        Moral of the story: Sir Sean Connery is the best!

        Rating: Two yawns

        Rent it? Yes?

        Buy it? No

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(N) Nudity, (S) Sex scenes, (V) Violence

The opinions expressed here are just that, opinions.

Ratings in descending order:

Eye popper



Quite average

One yawn

Two yawns

Three yawns

Ejected it

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